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Future Digital - Security Statement
Mon July 20, 2015

Future Digital - Security Statement

Future Digital takes our core objective, to provide safeguarding support to schools and institutions, incredibly seriously and makes every endeavour to ensure the safety and privacy of all of our customers and users is protected while using our software.

System Protocols

Future Digital's system runs on MS Windows and is therefore protected by the security MS Windows offers including Network Login, Active Directory, Desktop & Group Policies, and UAC. All sensitive data (apart from debug logs that are enabled via specifically applied registry settings) is encrypted using Oracle’s Java Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) symmetric 128 bit cipher.

In addition, registry settings for debug log activation can only be added by authorised users under currently configured MS Windows security, therefore providing protection.

For further information regarding our security policies please contact Future Digital on 0844 484 8908 or by emailing

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