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Developing a ‘Culture of Vigilance’
Wed October 07, 2015

Developing a ‘Culture of Vigilance’

How robust is your school’s safeguarding strategy in relation to fulfilling your Prevent duty?

Effective from the 1st July 2015, the UK Government recently passed new legislation, the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015. The legislation established a statutory duty of care, the Prevent duty, for all UK educational establishments to ensure that they are taking proactive steps to identify any students who may be at risk of being drawn into extremism or influenced by the processes of radicalisation and make sure that the necessary strategies are in place to provide early intervention.

Schools will now be expected to demonstrate a culture of vigilance and leaders will be tasked with overseeing the safe use of technology and expected to take immediate action if they are concerned about a child’s well-being.

In order to ensure compliance with the Prevent duty Ofsted’s new Common Inspection Framework came in to force on 1st September placing an increased emphasis on safeguarding. Protecting children and vulnerable young from the risk of radicalisation is now seen as a central part of a school’s wider safeguarding strategy.

Ofsted Inspectors will now be assessing both physical and virtual factors as part of EVERY inspection with online safety now considered an integral part of a school’s safeguarding responsibility rather than a separate issue.

In addition Ofsted inspectors will be examining students of all ages with regard to how safe students feel that they are in the learning environment and how safe they actually are in real terms.

It is now essential for schools and institutions to demonstrate that successful strategies are in place in relation to the safe use of technology in the school environment. By using Future Digital’s safeguarding solutions you can ensure that your school is fulfilling its Prevent duty while also ensuring that you have the tools to protect learners from undesirable influences within the digital environment.

Click here for full details of regarding Ofsted's New Common Inspection Framework

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