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PCE Client V5.1.4.8 - Notice
Tue December 02, 2014

PCE Client V5.1.4.8 - Notice

Please note changes to the Policy Central - PCE Client V5.1.4.8

PCE Client V5.1.4.8 (and previous versions) is only for older unsupported Operating Systems (XP & Vista) and has been replaced by PCE Client V6 (v6.2.3.15) which supports Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, and will be developed to support future versions of Windows.

With the release of Version 6 of the PCE client, there will be no further software updates to V5.1.4.8. Therefore we will be unable to offer ongoing support for any PCE V5.1.4.8 client (or older versions).

The very latest version of Policy Central (V6) is now available to all of our customers. This upgrade will enable your establishment's smooth transition to Future Digital Cloud ensuring that you can provide e-safety protection for a greater range of devices across your network. PCE V6 also supports the very latest addition to the Future Digital range of solutions, Future Digital for iOS, ensuring that your establishment can offer active monitoring for iPad.

Click here to request your client upgrade to PCE V6. 

Full details for PCE V6 can be found by clicking here.

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