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Thu June 18, 2015

Safeguarding the Digital Generation with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

UK based active monitoring solution provider Future Digital, becomes latest IWF Member with safeguarding at the forefront of its vision.

Schools, businesses and homes all benefit from Future Digital’s range of next generation software solutions, with a reported one million children in the education sector alone protected by the company’s safeguarding products. Substantiating the company’s tagline, ‘Safeguarding the Digital Generation’, Future Digital will utilise the IWF’s keywords list obtained through IWF membership to protect internet users from exposure to images and videos of child sexual abuse online.

Future Digital's CEO, Ellie Puddle, said: "Future Digital is delighted to become a member of the Internet Watch Foundation. We have long admired the important work carried out by the IWF and membership will help to support our ongoing core function to safeguard children and young people against ever emerging risks in the digital environment such as cyberbullying, self-harm and exposure to sexual and radical grooming."

Susie Hargreaves, IWF CEO, said: “In a rapidly evolving digital environment we know that people are accessing the internet on a whole range of different mobile devices. Solutions available from Future Digital set out to ensure the whole digital environment is a safe place for people surfing the web, and now that we welcome them into IWF membership particular protection against images and videos of child sexual abuse is added to their multi-platform solutions.”

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