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Future Digital recently  appeared in the Scottish newspaper, The Sunday Post. The news story reported how our FD Enforce software is being used by the Scottish Police. The software is helping to catch child sex offenders through intelligent device monitoring that tracks offenders risk activity while using their digital devices. To read the full news story click here.


FD Enforce Overview

FD Enforce Offender Management Software is used for the proactive management of Offender’s computing devices.

Managing the internet use of subjects is challenging with previously available technical solutions like blocking software often circumvented using just basic technological knowledge.

FD Enforce is an e-safety monitoring and behaviour management solution designed to support organisations in their responsibility to protect the public from online predatory and sexualised behaviour. It enables full monitoring and reporting as well as managing adherence to an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).


How does it work?

FD Enforce is installed on a user’s device. It detects misuse by scanning all the activity of a user’s session from the initial log on to when they log off. This includes all content online and offline, regardless of application and any text entered .

The software is linked to phrase libraries based around themes such as Profanity, Prevent and Pornography. A ‘screenshot’ of any  potential breaches of the AUP or order, are collected and stored in both graphical and database format within the Cloud-based console.