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FD Enforce


Offender Management Software is used for the pro- active monitoring of offender’s computing devices.


Monitors Keystrokes

Every word or phrase typed in is monitored. Whether it’s in a word document, in an internet chat room, or in an email.

Risk Libraries

Uses libraries around Profanity, Prevent and Pornography to create alerts.

Information & Intelligence

Screen captures of potentially inappropriate content and data are collected during the entire user session.

Clear Remote Secure Console

All content from active users is uploaded to the FD Console as soon as internet access is available to it.

Acceptable Use Policy

User must accept policy before accessing the resource with evidence of an agreement.


You can customise your software to change to the requirements of an offender.

FD Enforce Offender Management Software enables pro-active monitoring of offender’s digital devices. It can be used to monitor subjects under sexual grooming, terrorism, and sexual harm prevention orders.

Managing the internet use of offenders is challenging. Previously available technical solutions like blocking software could just be circumvented using basic technological knowledge.

FD Enforce is a monitoring and behaviour management solution. It is designed to support organisations in their responsibility to protect the public from online predatory and sexualised behaviour.

FD Enforce offender management enables full monitoring and reporting as well as managing adherence to an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

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How does it work?

FD Enforce monitoring solution is installed on an offender’s device. Inappropriate behaviour can take many forms and is not limited to the content of websites that a user may view. FD Enforce detects mis-use by monitoring all the activity of a user’s session. This includes all content used in both online and offline activity.

The monitoring software is linked to risk phrase libraries based around themes such as Profanity, Prevent and Pornography. If a violation or potential breach of an AUP or order is detected, a capture is made in both pictoral and database format. These captures are stored on a web server acting as a remote secure console.

The management software can be customised to use additional words and phrases. The data capture process is entirely silent which makes it difficult for an offender to know when and how a capture is created. This makes it difficult for the offender to subvert it.

Acceptable Use Policy

Offenders are asked to accept an Acceptable Use Policy before they are able to use their device. This acceptance and associated data such as date, time and computer use is stored within the Console in case proof of this is required at a later date. The content of the AUP is customisable by the administrator of the software with the choice of different text for different groups.

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The FD Secure Console

The monitoring data captured is uploaded to the FD secure console as soon as Internet access is available. This ensures there is no chance of data being tampered with when captured locally. If general Internet access is not available for this device, the captured data will be stored locally in a secure form until such access is restored. Offender Managers can access the FD console from any Internet-enabled device.