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FD Monitor

Monitoring words children can’t say aloud alerts educators to issues at an early stage. Early detection creates crucial early intervention for positive outcomes.

Easy Reports

Highly visual interface with automatic reporting and alerts


Software can be accessed anywhere by staff on any device.


Easy to use time-saving interface


Artificially intelligent risk pre-grading automatically assigns a risk level to captures.  


Online and offline keystrokes, imagery, video streaming and webcam activity


Alerts can be sent in real-time and can be varied by risk level.


Easy to install technology. Remote install options/updates.


Easily look at/add/remove individual users. Good for GDPR


Monitoring un-managed devices, BYOD and advanced monitoring text message alerts.

Key benefits

Our real-time, cloud-based active monitoring solution enables you to see incidents as they happen. With a highly visual heat map and improved reporting engine, ease-of-use is at the core of our updated software.

A pre-graded severity alert system saves the most severe alerts for instant response and keeps the other alerts manageable in a weekly easy to access report.

FD Monitors online and offline keystrokes, and can capture static imagery, video streaming and webcam activity when activated. Many providers cannot track offline activity in which over 60% of captures are made.

FD browser add-on available on iPad
( ChromeOS  coming August 2018)

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With its highly visual console, users can easily see concerning incidents in real-time both during and outside school hours on any device.

Protecting students from harm, FD Monitor offers our most intelligent and user-friendly online monitoring system yet. Its intuitive system makes it more effective in capturing concerning online incidents than ever before.

  • A cloud-based console interface available from any internet-enabled device.
  • Uses a highly visual heat map and risk grading, allowing users to assess risk in real-time
  • Intelligent pre-grading enables educators to rapidly respond to serious captures.
  • Improved reporting engine with an all-new reporting suite coming in summer term 2018.
  • Still captures text and pictures even in private browsing
  • Easy to install client software with updates delivered by a web-based console
  • Protected cloud-based storage, no requirement for any local server infrastructure which helps with GDPR compliance.
  • Meets current safeguarding legislation including KCSIE, PREVENT and OFSTED
  • Works across all social media sites.
  • Support for Windows 10, latest MacOS and IOS (ChromeOS, Linux and Android*)
  • Captures static imagery, video streaming and webcam activity when activated.

*Available summer 2018

Want to know more!

Why is safeguarding monitoring needed?


Active monitoring is a KCSIE legislative requirement in schools. The software helps pick up on thoughts that students can’t say aloud. If you look at the new government green paper in mental health, and the latest concerns in cyber-bullying, radicalisation and grooming, the only proven method to improve outcomes currently is early intervention. This is possible by detecting student’s concerns at an early stage in the process, rather than waiting for issues to escalate.