FD Record

FD Record is the latest addition to Future Digital’s range of safeguarding software for education

A joined-up record-keeping tool to link safeguarding staff to all incidents of an individual giving a clearer overall picture.

Creates instant alerts of causes for concern by email or SMS.

Paperless and secure, FD Record enables leadership to check school procedures are followed in all incidents.

Reports can easily be created summarising all incidents of an individual pupil which can be used for internal and external reviews of pupils.

Developed to correspond with OFSTED and DfE safeguarding guidelines.

Identifies risks and trends through a highly intuitive and graphical user interface. Patterns can be clearly identified, and risk can be assessed effectively.

FD Record is the latest addition to Future Digital’s range of safeguarding software for education. It is a fully comprehensive safeguarding management system that allows schools to record and share all safeguarding incidents in one easy-to-use cloud-based solution.

By using FD Record to manage safeguarding incidents, a comprehensive picture can be built of every student. This ensures that any reasons for concern are identified and dealt with immediately by school leaders and designated safeguarding leads. Events, trends and individuals are linked within one easy-to-use and intuitive interface to allow a complete profile of each student to be created and updated on an ongoing basis.

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Easy Event Capture for all staff

Teachers can record safeguarding events in a way that will immediately inform safeguarding staff. The event follow-up is tracked so that management can ensure the procedure is followed in contacting the relevant parties.

Identifies risks and trends

FD Record’s highly intuitive and graphical user interfaces allow users to clearly identify patterns of the real world and online behaviour, and thus anticipate potential risk activity.

FD Record can be used by all staff to ensure that every accident, incident and cause for concern is recorded and reported. This capability gives schools greater insight and clarity into student activity and behaviour. By using FD Record as the school’s safeguarding management system, schools can ensure that the risk of missing vital safeguarding incidents is greatly reduced. It enables senior leadership to easily check procedure is always followed by teachers in every safeguarding incident.

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View, manage and scope data

FD Record gives Designated Safeguarding Leads a full view of accidents, incidents and causes for concern. Events can be added, categorized and edited easily providing your school with a clear overview of all safeguarding activity.

Link pupils and incidents

FD Record offers sophisticated data analysis that links pupils with events providing staff with a comprehensive picture of incidents as they occur.

Advanced reporting

FD Record’s advanced reporting provides a fully customisable and easy-to-configure reporting module. Advanced reporting features a range of highly graphical reports that clearly illustrate patterns of behaviour activity and trends, allowing you to identify instances of potential risk. FD Record can be set to deliver instant alerts on activity.