Press Release: Smoothwall acquires Future Digital

We are delighted to announce we are joining the Smoothwall family! Combined we become the no 1 UK provider for safeguarding in education, and help law enforcement and other organisations keep people safe internationally.

FD Monitor-safeguard monitoring for schools

Monitoring words children can’t say aloud alerts educators to issues at an early stage. Early detection creates crucial early intervention for positive outcomes.

FD Enforce - offender device management for public protection.

Offender management software using real-time monitoring to alert authorities if anyone show signs of re-offending.

Safeguarding solutions for education and police

Are you looking for innovative safeguarding software? We offer a range of safeguarding software solutions that help schools, the police, and other institutions monitor devices to ensure the safety of children. See our  solutions page for options that are relevant to you.

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Mental Health: Report on  government green paper

How will the new government green paper on mental health impact on school safeguarding measures? Are you aware of the improvement in outcomes created by early intervention? Download our newly published report or see our safeguarding software solutions page..

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Safeguarding in Warwickshire Customer Q&A

Read about FD Monitor from a client’s perspective as we talk to Steve Holley about how he uses our active monitoring in schools across Warwickshire. By monitoring events in real-time, the service can pick up and act on concerns immediately giving schools peace of mind that no incidents will slip through the net.

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Safeguarding Software Trusted by 2500 schools and 25% of police forces


Using Future Digital’s active monitoring solution means that an additional safety-net is in place, guaranteeing that the school could ensure that all their pupils are entirely safe in the school’s digital environment, without limiting their ability to access all of the amazing resources the online world can offer.

Lee Batestone

Madley Primary School

Thought you might like to know we had a Grade 5 suicide incident today at the one school using the Cloud console, it showed up straight away using pre-grading and we were able to detect and respond to the incident very quickly. I did not have to trawl through lists of captures to get the data, it was there at the top of the page. Brilliant.

Steve Holley

E-safety systems engineer, Warwickshire Digital Safeguarding Service

By using future clouds software, I am quickly alerted to any miss-use of it, track potential problems and have evidence to take corrective action.  It’s presence safeguards both staff and students.

Kirsty Rogers

Executive Headteacher, Kettlebrook Short Stay School

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